Gdynia Student Exchange

Gdynia Students gearing up for 2015 Washington Business Week


My name is Anna Jakubek. I am a 17-year-old student of 6th High School in Gdynia, Poland. My main hobby is photography. In my opinion it is the best way to capture transient moments and bring back memories. What is more, I am interested in traveling. I enjoy sightseeing and learning about other cultures. The most exotic place I have been to are The Canary Islands. My aim is to visit every continent of the world. When it comes to the education, I find geography most interested as it is strongly connected with my passions. I have some achievements in competitions in Geography, English and Polish. Also, I used to do a volunteer job in a kindergarten. I look forward to take part in Washington Business Week because I am convinced it might broaden my horizons and become a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience which may benefit my future professional career.

My name is Kacper Rutkowski and I am a high school student from Poland. I am a seventeen-year-old Business Week graduate of 2013. I attended both basic and advanced programs in Gdansk and Gdynia respectRutkowskiively. Right after the last one ended I joined Alumni Association and ever since then I have been focusing on self-development. My knowledge on how business works increased, but most importantly I opened up to people and became friends with other graduates. My passion consists of music and performing. Thanks to my devotion to rock and my patience I can proudly say I am a self-taught guitarist. My friends and I have formed a small band recently. This gives me even more motivation to improve my skills. I am a firm believer that traveling broadens the mind. I am sure that Business Week in the United States of America will guarantee me absolutely remarkable experience and undoubtedly will have a positive impact on my future.


My name is Maciej Sikora. I’m 19. I’m interested in economics and politics. I took part in a few nation-wide economic  competitions  in which I managed to become a finalist. What I love is travelling and making new friends  abroad. I personally believe that travelling is one of the best ways to gain experience and broaden your horizons. Last year I took part in Gdansk Business Week, which was a memorable experience for me. I instantly loved the atmosphere of Business Week and amazing people I met there. When I was asked, if I want to go to Washington Business Week I didn’t need to think twice about it.


My name is Piotr Switowski. I am a 17 year old student from Gdynia in Poland. I attend 1st High School in Gdynia. My main interests are business, economics, politics and sport – especially basketball and tennis. I intend to study Economics at Warsaw School of Economics and that is why I am preparing to my matura exam in mathematics, geography, English and German at the extended level. I am improving my business skills by participating in educational project called “Educational Cafeteria for High School Students – Academy of Management Education” organised by WSE. I have also completed an online course  “First Step in Business”. I would like to take part in Washington Business Week so that I have an opportunity to meet students of similar interests, improve my business English and skills. I hope it will be a great and useful experience for me.

Gearing up for Washington Business Week 2014! Meet the three students from Poland…

KrzysztofMy name is Krzysztof Holke, I was born on 2 March, 1996. I live in Rumia – the city in Northern Poland. I attend the WacÅ‚aw SierpiÅ„ski High School no. 6 in Gdynia – one of the best school in our region. I am in the second class with the extended mathematic and geography curriculum. I am really keen on history and geography. I love exploring new places and widen my knowledge about them. My best place to wandering are Tatra Mountains – undoubtedly the most beautiful landmark in Poland thanks to breathtaking landscapes. I engage in many organizations for young people, for instance: in Gdynia Business Week Alumni Association or in the Youth City Council, as the vice-chairman. During my winter break I ski, in summer I practice sailing in Gdansk Bay. Every year I take part, as a volunteer, in the biggest money collection in Poland for the national health care system. My new hobby are oxford debates, which allow me to train public speaking.

When I was younger, I heard a lot of positive opinions about Gdynia Business Week from my older friends. Last vacation I had a possibility to take part first time in Gdańsk Business Week. It was a magnificent time for me, because not only could I learn about a real business, but also I enhanced my language skills. Furthermore I met many wonderful people, who are always eager to help. I have dreamt of participating in Washington BW since that time. As you are able to see, our dreams come true. This is a big chance for me to visit the new country, meet new friends, practice language and become an open-minded person. I have never been to the United States, so it is my first time in America.

I have got multitude plans for the nearest future. I would like to study law at University of Warsaw. I want to pass the certificate in Spanish and start learning a third language. I think about setting up a small business to gain some experience. In my spare time, I want to improve my sailing and windsurfing skills.

My name is Maciej Kotarbiński and I am 17 years old. I live in Gdynia, Poland. I study at the 1st MaciejAcademic High School in Gdynia. I am interested in history, law and dancing. I have choosen The Washington Business Week because I think it would be a great opportunity for me to see The United States, meet new people and gain valuable experience. I have never been to The United States before and the experience may happen to be inspirational and helpful in my further career. After I will have finished my high school education I would like to major in Law at the University of Gdansk.


My name is Piotr Jóźwik. I am 18 years old, I am from Gdynia and I attend to local high school named Gdynia Bilingual High School No. 3.

One of my greatest passions are economy and geography. That is why I decided to go to Washington. In first place this will be connected with my interests in economy, because of the Business Week. On the other hand it will be my first trip to USA and my first opportunity to go to America.

In the next years I want to graduate from my school and go to studies to Cracow, Poland. I want to become a petroleum engineer. Also if I have a opportunity I will take a second course of studies which will be economy.

Advanced Washington Business Week 2014

This year we will be spOliwia Sildatkionsoring one student in the Advanced Business Week summer program set for June 22-28th at Western Washington State University in Bellingham.

Oliwia comes to us from Gdansk, Poland where she attends High School No. 2 in Gdansk. She has never been to the US before. She was a participant in Gdansk Business Week a year ago and is looking forward to her stay in the states.  She is anxious to meet new people, develop her skills and enjoy the journey.

Would you enjoy hosting Oliwia as a house guest for one week prior to this program? If so contact Barbara Lee at [email protected]


June 2013
Meet our Gdynia Exchange Students for 2013
They will attend Washington Business Week
If you would like to host a student please contact Barbara Lee at [email protected] or 206.683.0883.

Hi! My name is Alex Iwański and I’m 18. I’m very glad I can participate in WBW program and I can learn something new just like your culture, lifestyle etc. Participation in this program is big chance for me, I hope WBW teach me something useful and check my knowledge about business. I’m sportsman, I love to playing basketball and my passion is ( I don’t know you ever heard about it) longboarding. It is similar to skateboard, but how name of this sports shows, deck is long/longer then skateboard. I love cars, especially muscle cars like Dodge Challenger or Chevrolet Chevelle SS. My English isn’t perfect but I think we will not have any problems in conversation. I’m very communicative person, I like talking with people so much. If you want you can check my facebook, we can be in touch anytime.



Hi, my name is Marcin Ciesielski. I was born in 1995 in Gdynia at the Baltic coast in Poland, Currently, I attend the Third High School in Gdynia and it is my second year there. Why did I decide to take part in Washington Business Week? I can honestly say that because of my interest in Economics, Finance and Marketing. During this year I have participated in many national competitions on banking, entrepreneurship and economics succeeding in each of the all above – taking respectively 7th (twice) and 13th place. I also want to visit the USA to make some new friends and exchange views and share experience. Beyond learning business subjects I enjoy reading historical and fantasy books, and as many teenagers I enjoy playing computer games, mostly strategies. My favorite sports are cycling, swimming, ice-skating and basketball. I find myself as friendly and outgoing person, well-determined and self-motivated. I take any opportunity to try to improve my skills both in practical and theoretical way. Hence, I hope that Business Week in Seattle will be a great contribution to my business and social development.


Hello! My name is Bartek. I’m 18 and I live in Wejherowo, a city near to Gdynia. What I like to do is traveling and exploring new places, I always try to see how life in other countries looks like from the inside. If the weather is good, I go hiking or kayaking. Generally I listen to Rock music, some of my favorite bands are Gorillaz, The White Stripes and Cage The Elephant, but I’m not closed to one type of music. Also, I have been training MMA for a few years and this is what I spend most of my time after school. Besides that, I like cooking, probably my favorite cuisine is the Italian one. I study in Maths-Physics class in Gdynia, but I’m interested in economics and politics too, so I don’t know what I’m going to do after high school yet.




March 2013

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a Gdynia high school student this summer!  Offer to host a 17 or 18-year old Polish high school student in your home for one week in July 2013.

The Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association sponsors up to four Polish students each summer who attend a summer business camp called Washington Business Week.  These students are selected by the city of Gdynia to act as ambassadors for Gdynia, to learn all about Seattle and to gain knowledge in business entrepreneurship. For 2013, the Gdynia students will attend the Business Week program set for July 21 – July 27 at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. They are tentatively scheduled to arrive in Seattle on Saturday, July 13 and will be leaving for Ellensburg on Sunday, July 21.

What does it mean to host a visiting student? Treat the Polish kids like a part of your family.  You will host a student for no more than seven nights and have fun exploring the unique sites of our region. The sister city association takes care of all transportation arrangements to and from the airport, and to and from Ellensburg.

For more information please contact Barbara Lee at [email protected] or 206.683.0883.


Gdynia Student Exchange 2012
Meet the students who participated in last year’s Washington Business Week.

Kajetan Zajac

Hello! My name is Kajetan Zajac. I’m from Poland and I live in Wejherowo. It’s small town near to GdaÅ„sk – the capital city of Pomeranian Voivodeship. Currently I go to high school in Gdynia to Math-Physics class but my interests are much wider. I am interested in Geography, Polish and History classes. My greatest hobby is music. Last year I graduated from primary music school. I play guitar, piano and sing in the local choir “Cantores Veiherovienses”. This year I am going to take entrance exams to music high school, to organ class. I’m mad about sailing. I enjoy every sailing event in Gdynia or GdaÅ„sk and of course I also sail by myself. That gives me a lot of fun. About my future I’m going to study on Gdynia Maritime University on the faculty of navigation or on the GdaÅ„sk University of Technology on the faculty of engineering of sound and image, but actually I don’t know. I’m very excited to visit United States of America and learn business from your experts.

Maciej Staszewski

Hello! My name is Maciej and I’m 17. I was born in Ciechanów (52°52′34″N 20°36′29″E) but I’ve been living in Gdynia, a wonderful city located in the north of Poland since I was 5. I have different interests. I like listening to music (many genres, from classical to heavy metal), watching movies (every cinema period, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino are my favorite American film directors), reading books, visiting new places, watching natural wildlife (travelling is probably my biggest hobby – I like especially natural wonders but I also love cities with unique atmosphere and character). I also like sports like cycling, swimming or skiing. I’m keen on soccer. My favorite soccer team is Arka Gdynia, every week I go to the stadium to see their match.


Ada Cierkowska

My name is Ada. I’m 17 years old. Apart from travelling, sport is my hobby. My favorite games are basketball and football. I can’t live without swimming and riding a bike. I like reading books especially crimes. One of the best films in my opinion is “The Four Feathers”, which is an adventurous drama with Heath Ledger. When I’m listening to music it is usually Bon Jovi, an American rock band. What I regret the most is that I cannot sing well. I love Italian cuisine and some of my friends say that I’m addicted to chocolate. I look at every day with optimism and I smile almost all time. I’m used to getting up early, because it makes the day longer and I can’t stand wasting time. I find economy and business interesting and I think I will study it in the future.

Maciej Halbryt

I am 18 years old and in September will start my final year of high school. During the school year I am mainly concentrated on studying and submitting all works before deadlines. I am interested in many disciplines, however my favorite are physics and management. I would like to join both of them in my future life, because in my opinion there are great opportunities awaiting in such a connection. I like to spend my free time in an active way. I love to do various sports like basketball and cycling, but, following the example of my sister, I started to read thrillers and dectective stories. Moreover, I am a member of a school cabaret, which gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction.