Tom Podl

Tom Podl 1938-2011

Tom Podl was a great friend of Poland, renowned Polish art collector, a co-founder of the UWPSEC (UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee), a community leader, and a longtime active member of the Polish community in Seattle.

His biggest passion was collecting art of his heritage and roots. Over the years, Tom amassed one of the most important collections of Polish art in America (paintings and sculptures). His collection reflects the diversity of Polish modern art created between 1890 and 1939. A time driven by the Mloda Polska (Young Poland) movement, Polish art, literature, architecture, and music flourished even as the country remained partitioned under the foreign rule of Russia, Germany, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It demonstrates how the visual arts served as a focused response to the period’s divisive geopolitics and, in the two decades after independence was achieved in 1918, contributed to the cultural identity of a sovereign Poland.

The quality and comprehensiveness of the material was recognized in 2001, when the Tom Podl collection in its entirety was exhibited at the National Museum in Kraków before embarking on a seven-city tour in Poland. The full collection is represented in the catalogue Colors of Identity: Polish Art from the American Collection of Tom Podl.


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