Trupa Trupa coming to Seattle on May 8

We’re happy to let you know that a Polish indie-rock band Trupa Trupa is starting a US tour and will visit Seattle on May 8! The band originates from Gdańsk, so dear to many of SGSCA members.

The band will be promoting their newest album “B Flat A”, which gathered stellar reviews in many American media outlets. NPR included the album on their New Music Friday podcast back in February, and Rolling Stone magazine called their latest single “Uniforms” in January “a clarion call for humanism in a hateful world”.

Trupa Trupa formed in Gdańsk, Poland in 2009. So far they released six albums, increasingly gaining interest of the audiences around the world. The frontman, vocalist and guitarist Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is also a well-received poet. His latest chapbook of verse “Crops” has just been released in the United States.

The show is on Sunday, May 8, 2022 in the Barboza club in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The show is 21+ only, the tickets are 13$.


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