Upcoming Event: Katyn

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) will be showing Katyn from May 15th through May 20th. 

In a forest named Katyn, near Smolensk in the Soviet Union, more than 4,000 Polish prisoners of war were methodically killed during World War II with a bullet to the back of the neck. The mass graves were discovered in 1943, but no one believed at the time they held so many dead. For 50 years the executions were hushed up or blamed on Germany. In turn, Germany blamed the Soviets, however, the question of responsibility remained unresolved, even in the West. 

This film follows four Polish families on the home front as some beg their loved ones to flee with them before the invasion. Others wait in vain for news from the front. All are trapped in a web of lies, denial, and murder. Finally, in 1990, Russia formerly expressed “profound regret” and admitted that the Soviet secret police carried out the order to rid Poland of any high-level military personnel who might oppose the Communization of the country. 

Directed by Andrzej Wajda
2007, 121 min.
SIFF is presenting this film in association with the Seattle Polish Film Festival. Schedules and ticketing information can be found on SIFF’s website by clicking HERE.

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