Washington Business Week

We are delighted to announce that the Seattle Gdynia Sister Cities Association has once again participated in the esteemed Washington Business Week (WBW) program, marking our triumphant return after a three-year hiatus necessitated by the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is with great pleasure that we share the news of our involvement, highlighting a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering cross-cultural collaboration and educational excellence.
During our absence, we strived to maintain our dedication to educational and cultural exchange despite the limitations posed by the pandemic. Today, we are thrilled to report that SGSCA has emerged even stronger, and we are elated to have been able to host three outstanding finalists from the Gdynia Business Week, showcasing the resilience and adaptability that has come to define our organization.

We invite you to view the short film created by the City of Gynia below, that encapsulates the spirit of our collaborative efforts. This film, which we are pleased to share with you, illustrates the enduring bond between our cities and the shared commitment to learning, growth, and global understanding. We believe that it serves as a powerful testament to the strength of our partnership, even amidst unprecedented challenges.
As SGSCA re-engages with the Washington Business Week program, we reflect upon the journey that has led us here and anticipate the meaningful contributions that lie ahead. The WBW program has weathered its own set of challenges, and together, we are honored to play a role in its revitalization. Our shared commitment to nurturing young talent, promoting entrepreneurial thinking, and cultivating cross-cultural appreciation remains unwavering.
In closing, we extend our gratitude to the City of Gdynia, the WBW organizers, and all our partners who have supported us throughout this journey. With excitement and anticipation, we declare that the program is indeed going strong once more, and SGSCA is privileged to be an integral part of this resurgence.

Anna Babcock, Vice President Seattle Gdynia Sister Cities Association (SGSCA)

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