With Sympathy

The Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association (SGSCA) would like to express its deepest sympathy and condolences to the people of Poland. Today they lost not only politicians and officials, they lost leaders and visionaries.

The relationship between Seattle and Gdynia extends beyond business, academic and cultural exchanges. It extends into the hearts and spirits of both cities’ citizens; we share a bond, a vision, a friendship and a kinship. As Gdynia and Poland grieve, so does Seattle.

Members of SGSCA, and any interested non-members, are encouraged to meet at the Polish Home tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm for an informal gathering as the Polish Home’s kitchen opens. As Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Poland and current President of European Parliament, stated so eloquently earlier: let us be together.

“It is difficult to comprehend the tragedy. It was difficult to imagine that a few dozen people, many of whom were elected by us, the Poles, in every part of our homeland, to be our representatives, would die within a few seconds while on duty, on duty for each of us.

It was a special and unusual trip. It was about the memory of the events 70 years ago. Now we have another great memorial and we will remember that memorial – also on Russian soil near Smolensk, near Katyn – on the date 10 April. This is a terrible coincidence, and let us be together, let us talk to each other” –Jerzy Buzek

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