You’re invited to host a student from Gdynia


Got a spare room? Enjoy mentoring young adults?
Maciej, Anna, Piotr, and Kacper are looking forward to their stay in Seattle before they head to Washington Business Week.

SGSCA invites you to host one of our 2015 Gdynia exchange students!
Host families needed for July 19-25

Hosting means sharing your culture and hospitality with one of our students from Gdynia.
We encourage you to show them some of the sites around Seattle.

Host families provide the student with room and board, and are expected to treat their student as a member of a family, not as a guest. If you have chores or simple tasks in your households let them be a part of it too.

Students cover 
their own travel costs, health insurance, school expenses, cell phone, and spending money. Students are encouraged to practice their English language skills.

If you have children already they will build wonderful relationships with their new “sibiling”. You will have a chance to gain a whole new family in a whole other country!

The sister city association takes care of all transportation arrangements
to and from the airport, and to and from Ellensburg.

For more information call Barb Wodzin at 206-310-9662 or email [email protected]

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